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 Posters  * Posted on 19th June 2008

   E-mail: rushworthy@animalfarmworld.com

Vivien Halas - Daughter of John Halas & Joy Batchelor who is fervently striving to keep the legacy of her parents' life work known to the world.  vivien@halasandbatchelor.co.uk   www.halasandbatchelor.co.uk

Michael Sporn - Proprietor of his formidable animation studio and a must see blog (splog) for animators worldwide. Self-confessed avid "Animal Farm" fan, whose favourite character is the imposing Boxer.  studio@michaelspornanimation.com  www.michaelspornanimation.com

Hans Walther - A fellow admirer of "Animal Farm" with a piece or two in his collection, amongst the Disney and other goodies. Hans's website says it all.  www.xs4all.nl/~hwalther/

John Conning - Long time animator, experienced Halas & Batchelor in the 1970's. www.sufferincats.com

Doug - Passionate about "Animal Farm", loves the images on AFW. Dabbles in animation a little, amongst other things.  Modern Horse Studios  modernhorse@yahoo.com
Daniel Leab - Author of "Orwell Subverted: The CIA and the Filming of Animal Farm", an informative read indeed. Past collector of George Orwell novels   danleab@earthlink.net    Leab collection online at www.brown.edu/Facilities/University_Library/libs/hay/collections/orwell/leab.html  

Barker Animation, Fine Art and Sculptures - Source of my Napoleon drawing signed by John Halas. Very capable animation museum and business which has been around for a long time.  www.barkeranimation.com

Matthew Szynkiewicz - Matt is THE Goebel King and helped to start off my collection of "Animal Farm" Goebel figurines from the mid 1950's.   www.worldcollectorsnet.com/magazine/issue9/iss9p3.html goebel1@verizon.net

Karlis Smiltens - Illustrator of the 1954 Latvian edition of "Animal Farm". A genuinely nice guy who bent over backwards in divulging his knowledge to me.



Here is a list of AFW friends who stem from all walks of life. From animators to animator's daughters, they are all happy to be recognised as a friend of this website, perhaps even of myself. Here's to friends, of which you really can't have too many.