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My collection of Goebel figurines began with Benjamin the donkey and the two cows. I found these figurines on eBay from a seller who's father worked for Louis De Rochemont, the executive producer of Animal Farm. Once I'd identified the maker's mark as Goebel, I discovered another world of collecting. This German company has produced a vast quantity of varied ceramic figurines since before 1900. Go to www.worldcollectorsnet.com/magazine/issue9/iss9p3.html for a better insight from Matt the Goebel King.

Based on the magazine picture of Joy Batchelor and all the figurines (below), I believe the lamb and gosling is all I require to complete my collection. Until found, my frantic search shall continue.......

All the figurines

standing together

make an impressive

looking bunch.

Benjamin the Donkey

Benjamin underneath

Stamped Hel. No number visible.

Boxer the Horse

Boxer underneath

Stamped with 52. Perhaps figurine 2.


Cow underneath

No markings visible



Daisy bottom

Stamped Hel 9.


More thank likely a goose based on the movie.

Goose underneath

Stamped Hel 3.

Muriel the Goat

Muriel underneath

Stamped Hel 7 and 57.

Napoleon the pig

Napoleon underneath

Faint Goebel mark only.

Pincher the dog

Pincher underneath

No markings visible.


Rooster underneath

Stamped Hel 68. Perhaps figurine 8.

Boxer's foil sticker

Joy and all the goebel figurines

This picture was found in a UK magazine