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Farmer Jones Production Cel

Typically grumpy look of the despised farmer who was driven from Manor Farm by his mistreated animals.

Dog killing Cat Cel

This scene is rather dark in the Animal Farm movie. Thankfully so, as it is quite a violent. This is seconds before the poor cat is horrifically terminated.

Dog killing Cat closeup

Wonderful detail capture in the cel. Both the dog and cat look equally determined in being the victor of this clash.

Snowball frowning cel

A nice side on cel of Snowball. He is frowning at the locked storeroom full of food for the unfed animals.

Snowball frowning closeup

Snowball contemplates opening the storeroom whilst Jones is in a drunken doze.

Snowball let me in cel 1

First of two consecutive cels where Snowball is determined to have a prime position when listening to Old Major's words of wisdom for his comrades.

Snowball let me in cel 2

Napoleon Cel & Background

Here's Napoleon looking as serious as ever. The production background is not from the same scene as the cel. I have failed to find it in the movie.